‘Beats, Home Practice, & ALL is coming’

What I’ve found to be one of the hardest things to cultivate in my Yoga practice, is a home practice. For Yoga newbees who are not familiar with this term, a home or self practice is quite literally a Yoga practice you do by yourself at home (or anywhere you’d like). It’s a true practice of living in the moment, since you come to your mat without a preconceived idea of what you’re going to do or without a teacher talking you through a sequence.

Everytime I attempted a self or home practice I felt very self-conscious and honestly a little bit like a fraud pretending to know what the hell I was doing. Those feelings of judgement are not at all beneficiary to your Yoga practice, on the contrary, they have the ability to kill any form of creativity and spontaneity that arises from within you. As you might figure creativity and spontaneity are key to a good and very important, FUN, home practice. During my different Teacher Trainings I was always hoping to get to a point on my Yoga path where I would feel comfortable enough to practice by myself without guidance from outside. But unfortunately none of my teacher trainings was able to lift me to that level (I even took a workshop ‘how to cultivate a home practice’!). In the end I told myself I should get better, stronger, leaner and fitter before I could attempt having a serious home practice. But ofcourse, your ability to do a headstand or not has nothing to do with being ready for a home practice or not.

So, what has been the key to finally feel comfortable and even having fun while practicing alone? It might sound strange, since no one has ever given me this advice, but here it goes; put some nice music on! I like to dance, so when music starts to play, my body feels more ready to move and an extra bonus is my negative judgments are getting muffled by the beats. Second piece of advise, don’t take it so seriously! I’m a pro at taking things way too serious. Just play. These days, I practice by myself almost every day, since I teach I feel I have to. And what they say is true, it does get easier when practiced consistently. And don’t forget your home practice is going to be different than the Yoga classes you take, which is absolutely fine! It doesn’t have to be 60 or 90 minutes, it doesn’t have to include Sun Salutations (although they can serve as a nice anchor for your home practice). The only thing it HAS to include is, SAVASANA!

Enjoy! And don’t get frustrated with yourself if it takes time to get into the groove, eventually you will and when you do it’s going to be fabulous!