Welcome to my world of Yoga

When Yoga came into my life, I knew I never wanted to let go of this mysterious practice that seemed to change me from the inside out.
It felt like finally, I had found a way of moving, breathing and looking at life that felt honest and strong.
Yoga has become the Iens I look through and where I, over and over, discover who I truly am and better understand life around me.
When I was working on this website I was looking for the right name, it was hard finding just one or two words that describe what Yoga means to me and do it any justice.

My husband always calls me Lenz, as sort of a pet name (it has quite a long, slightly embarrasing, history that I will spare you (and me)).
But once I thought of this nickname that always makes me smile and this Yogi lens through which I look at my practice, on and off the mat, the name Yoga Lenz was born.